Considerations For Your Next Trip When in Greece

A school ski trip is an excellent opportunity to enhance the knowledge of physical education students. It is a superb way to introduce them to the excitement and skills involved in one of the most exhilarating activities while providing an excellent opportunity to enhance their level of fitness.

Greatische Gymnor is an excellent option for a school group seeking a winter holiday with an added edge of activity. The hotel is geared up to accommodate up to 450 students but is still within walking distance of the ski facilities (as well as being within easy driving distance of Grenoble and Geneva airports). Booking accommodation right at the school is exceptionally convenient, and students can relax in the hot springs on their first day to burn off the excess calories from their day on the slopes. They can then head to the snow and enjoy a full day of sports and winter activities, including a snow day at Vanoise National Monument the next day.

Greatische Gymnor Hotel: What to See

The hotel itself features a gym, swimming pool, sauna, and wellness center, all of which are free and open to guests. The hotel is also in a perfect location for visiting winter sports hotspots like Grenoble and Geneva airports, which makes it even more appealing to visit during the winter months. The hotel offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and special offers at 3 pm and 5 pm every day. Also available are pre-arranged tours and excursions to nearby villages and towns.

Exquisite Ski Conditions

The hotel has its own high-speed quad Copters, meaning that guests can get on and off as soon as they like and without waiting for another group to arrive. The in-house dining place makes it easy to organize a large group for dinners any time of the day. In addition, the hotel has a hospitality team ready to assist you with organizing transport arrangements and administer travel arrangements – it is up to the guest how far they want to travel and what type of luggage to take – but they do come in handy.

Experience the Best of the Guides

Another great advantage of a school ski trip to France is the vast array of fantastic ski guides available to you – both in the country and in the resorts themselves. Intensive guides can teach you the ins and outs of skiing or snowboarding and impart much-needed advice on the sport. But for a wide range of beginners and advanced skiers, the more adventurous trips can be organized by more super-friendly guides. Whatever your level of experience level, you will be able to find a trip that is appropriate for you.

Decay-free Home

You may think that staying in a ski chalet is an idyllic sort of vacation, but it is not. The walls of your chalet house may be treated to the sound of snow sickles and the smell of pavement, so you do not want to arrive for your holiday and find that the snow has melted! To avoid this, it is always best to arrange for a fully insured, self-catered chalet, or one that has a full crew on board.

Private Lessons

If you are a complete beginner and would like to delve deeper into the sport or learn some new skills, you may benefit from private lessons offered by the resort. These are available in some of the hotels, resorts, and villages.

Crocs and barrels

If you have had enough of slopes and snowmobiling, you may enjoy activities such as crocodile safaris and snowmobiling in nearby villages.


In the warmest months, the snow allows for much more intricate trails than in less-untied winter months. If you are more adventurous, you may enjoy a snowshoe walk in the evening. Also, in the latter part of the year, particularly in December and January, rather than the summer months, the snow can be quite heavy and frozen over. This makes it a bit harder to get around, but this is part of the experience.

Deciding on the duration of your stay

Once you have decided on a trip that is right for you, you can book your accommodation. Some people, however, like to be stretched out on longer trips, while others would prefer a retreat with room to sit and relax for a day or two. Your accommodation choice should be accompanied by the duration of your stay: Are you looking at a three-day getaway or are you hoping to spend three weeks staring at the snow?


Your experience on the slopes will all depend on the weather. If you are fortunate enough to visit during the spring or summer, the weather may be more conducive to skiing and snowboarding. If you are traveling during the winter, make sure to dress appropriately.