Holidays in North Cyprus – Famagusta

Looking for holidays in turkey? There is more than one place in North Cyprus for you to visit. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus has a coastline of about 70km long. There are plenty of beaches in North Cyprus, but the best and probably the most popular is in the resort of Kyrenia.

Another stunning location is Famagusta. This is the former capital of Ottoman rule in North Cyprus, and now the capital of the northern part of the island. Famagusta has preserved a mixture of Eastern and Western influences in its architecture. The narrow streets with their fashionable ‘kiraeus’ (carved into the hillsides) and dotted facades are part of the town’s charm.

Visitors to Famagusta should also seek to see the fortress whose ruins are so spectacular. This fortress is arguably the most important archaeological site in the north. It was built in the 7th century AD and has been used by various kings, dynasties, and sultans. The complex was rediscovered in 1983 and is considered the most complete, best-preserved example of the legendary fort.

The mosques of Famagusta are spectacular displays of detailed INTER residues. Many of the mosques are mosque hymns in the old format, but there are also many examples of traditional temples. The world’s only other examples of the once-famous constructions are in Acapulco, Mexico.

The modern city of Famagusta is dominated by trustworthy-looking minarets. Standing right beside each other in one complete unit are the two most important mosque complexes of North Cyprus. The essence of the complex is the huge white mosque of the Grand Bashil; the minimô if visitors would like to call it a mosque is the mosque of the Sayed. Following the rules more closely is the mosque of the Shaikhs, called the Sayed mosque, while the Interior Ministry building is in the old style. A large circular door leads to the interior, where there are more minarets than any other type of mosque in the Middle East.

Famagusta’s attractions lie in its monuments. Not only is Famagusta a monument preservation site, but it also hosts an annual festival called the Diye Palat. The Palat celebration takes place on the first Sunday of the Noura holidays, which falls coincidentally on the feast day of Saint John the Baptist. Travelers can sit near the minaret and watch street performers, musicians, and storytellers performing before God. It is also the site for a football match during the Christmas season.

To the north of the capital, there is the village of Kyrenia, which takes its name from the River Nile. The main attraction in the village is the enormous natural pool, surrounded by a history-filled museum. The Pharaonic Museum in Aspelis is also worth a visit, though it is a bit out of the way.

If you want to travel to the South of the Island, then you will want to make a trip down to Turkey. You should be aware that this is a hot area and can be a bit humid, but the beaches are nice. Aspelis is a good base since it is a popular day trip for holidaymakers from the UK. The south also has many historic sites, including the Katoomba Caves. The famous Thistlegorm is located here, and the views are amazing.

The island’s interior is a combination of traditional Turkish and modern development. There are skyscrapers and new hotels, including a Five Star Hilton, set amid stunning locations. The island is also the principal overseas territory of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, and a visit to North Cyprus will introduce you to the flavor of the Republic of Cyprus.

You probably won’t need much help getting around North Cyprus, but there are still details to be understood. When you leave out Palaiochora (the only town on the island that has a name that starts with an odd or two) the only other place to go is Naousa, a small fishing village. There are two Ayia Napa villages that are interesting places to visit -Ksfoonds andience- and so don’t be put off by the coastal scenery of Naousa. Just remember the stereotype – minority gone crazy.

For some visitors, part of the allure of North Cyprus is its exotic atmosphere. The place is a hotbed of creativity and many young learners return here to build their careers. So, there is plenty to see and do if you are into history, arts, or travel.

In Naousa, you can visit the ancient village of Famagusta, which has retained some of its grand Venetian palazzo-style buildings.