The Process of Changing Your Name on Your US Passport

The reasons for changing your name are many. You may do this as a result of a marriage or divorce, and it may also be as a choice regarding a career. No matter what the reason for changing your name, you will want to change all of your records, including your name on your passport. A passport name change is simple, but the process will vary from passport to passport and depending on the age that you were assigned to in your original passport.

A passport name change and marriage or divorce can be completed by mail. However, if you were issued your original passport when you were under sixteen, you will have to take the form and other required documents to an application center. You need to send in the documentation either via mail or fax.

If you are going to apply for a passport name change via mail, you will have to fill in Form DS-82. This is the form used when sending a request to the US Department of State. This form will ask you to provide your social security card, passport, and the two photographs that will be used in your replacement passport. Since you are changing your name, your photographs must be identical to the photographs that appear in your original passport.

However, if you were issued your original passport in less than six months, then in most cases you will be able to change your name on the passport via mail. Again, you will have to send in the required documentation and then wait for the new passport to arrive in the mail. You will then have to follow the rest of the instructions on the new passport for the name that you wish to have etched on the passport.

If you have applied online, your passport should arrive in your mail mailbox weeks or months after you sent in your application. If you have applied over the internet, you should have your new passport in your hands in two to three weeks.

As you should always do when using an online service, you will have to wait patiently until your passport arrives in the mail. However, you will have to wait less than three weeks for your name to be etched on the new passport.

The last option is the regular government service. You can apply online, or via a travel agent. If you choose the online process, it is best to use a credit card to purchase the passport name change. Then, simply follow the instructions on your new passport to change the name.

The travel option is the least expensive way to obtain name changes. Since the government is the only way to apply, you will have to wait until your next passport comes in the mail.

It is best not to wait until the last minute to apply for a name change. Not only will waiting until the last minute reduces your chances of getting the name changed, but it will also cost you more. Even if you only have to change the name on your passport for a photo, it will cost you more than the passport name change alone.

The last option is to use a passport name change kit. This kit is exactly what it sounds like. It is a kit that will change your name on your passport in only a few minutes. All you need to do is complete the step of sending in the paperwork, which will then be processed at the passport name change service.

The step of sending the required documentation includes a copy of your ID, a demonstration of your legal name change, two passport photos, documents from the city, county, state, or country that have been renamed, and documentation of name changes. Toothpaste, soap, shampoo, or other items should be clearly labeled to avoid any questions as to their origin.

Next, you will need to send your new passport and the name change documentation to the following address:

[email protected]

When you contact the passport name change service, you will need to provide your name change documentation as well as postage prepaid. By going to this site, you can set up an appointment at the soonest, and then you will save yourself hours of waiting in line. Passport name changes are permanent, but once it has been turned in, the time will elapse before the new documentation will become effective.

However, keep in mind that even expedited service can take up to several weeks to complete. The reason that it can take so long is that the government has a limited supply of names, especially given the large number of applications that are submitted.

Ultimately, the passport name change process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months, depending on the processing time that you need. However, the most efficient way to go about it has nothing to do with waiting in line and finding yourself sitting in a long line.

Instead, contact a professional passport name change service to create a special package just for you.